Bettie, NC Occupations

Bettie Boat Building

As recently as 1962 there appeared in the local paper a picture of a "flat-bottomed sharpie" with a 55-foot mast and sails hoisted. This sharpie has changed owners many times and now bears a different name than its original. It was also converted to power about 20 years ago. However, this sharpie was recognized by Mr. V. B. Salter, Jr. (living then in Miami) as having been built on Bettie (prior to Ward's Creek bridge) by his father, the Se. Salter, in 1898. (Mr. Salter, Jr. passed away here in 1972 at the age of 89–so he did know what he was telling.)

Source: Thumbnail History of Carteret County; Compiled by Reba Hellen Salter Singer. Dedicated to The Morehead City Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution; 1976, pp. 8.

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