Bettie, NC Landmarks

Bettie Mills

Years and years ago there were mills–several kinds. Gilbert Arthur built his house near the shore and installed (the men of a generation ago would like to know how he did it, the timber was so hard and heavy. Today a derrick would have to be used. The last letter this writer received from a cousin on Cape Cod mentioned that old mill and asked how it came about) a grist mill. He built his foundation by sinking cement posts. The old mill long since gone but the cement posts (the tops) still remain. The water from North River laps over them. Erosion has eaten away from three to four hundred yards since the mill was built. It was that far from the water then. David Arthur had a wind mill at his home nearer the main road and friends and neighbors would come to grind their corn at all hours of the day. That and both the houses are now gone.

Source: Thumbnail History of Carteret County; Compiled by Reba Hellen Salter Singer. Dedicated to The Morehead City Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution; 1976. Pp. 8.

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