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The Davis Shore Baseball Team, 1946

By Ann Davis Styron, September 2002

The Home of Roy and Ann Davis Styron sits in the middle of the former Davis Shore Baseball Field. After the war (World War II), a baseball team was organized at Davis. The members were Davis boys with a few "good" recruits from other communities.

The field was the property of Mr. Alva Davis. Mt Alva's store was on the property where the "Welcome to Davis" sign now stands. The property was part of the Harry Frisbie tract of land. Mr. T/B. Smith purchased the land from Mr. Alva's heirs. His son Gerry and wife Becky built our house. Roy and I purchased the house from Gerry and Becky in 1977.

Captain Frisbie planted pecan trees on this land as well as on the Davis property. The trees have been great "bearers" until the hurricanes of the past few years.

I remember the bleaches that were built under the pecan trees facing east. These bleachers were "long ago" playground equipment for the children.

Stories were told about Lester Babbit, our home run king. Everyone said Lester had to "knock her to the woods" in order to "walk" around the bases. Lester wasn't swift on his feet! He was the catcher for the team, again, not a lot of running!

From a child's point of view and remembrances, Rex must be mentioned. Rex was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that belonged to Mr. Ammie Willis. Rex attended every game and "retrieved" the foul balls, as well as the hits that were lost in the woods. Could this have been the beginning of the "spit" ball???

Many an exciting afternoon was enjoyed on this field by everyone Down East.

PS. Davis had a circus come to town and the tents were on this ball field. "Younguns' that was exciting too!!!

The Roy and Ann Styron house, right, now sits where the ball field used to be.

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