Davis, NC Hunting

The Home Place of Minnie and Corbett Davis:
Davis Hunting and Fishing Lodge

By Ann Davis Styron, September 2002

The home of Corbett and Minnie Davis has a history. Daddy purchased the property from Capt. Harry Frisbie in about 1937 - 38. The property began on Community Road and continued to the shore of Core Sound.

The house was built by Franklin Davis in about 1890. Daddy purchased the house from his son, Mr. Allen Davis. It originally was on the property behind the Rome Davis property on Molly Lewis Road.

Uncle Denard Davis (D.L. Davis) moved the house to its present site. Daddy told me Uncle Denard moved it up the shore. A testimony to the lack trees at the time: people farmed the land. Uncle Denard was the resident "mover" of Carteret County. His ability, ingenuity, and his horse named "Nell" were well-known and admired.

The house was home to my parents, my brother, C.H., and me and all the grandchildren until 1980.

In 1980, my mother gave the house to Oppie (Corbett Davis III). Oppie renovated the house, restoring the upstairs to its original four bedrooms and added a bath in each room.

Thus, Davis Hunting and Fishing Lodge was born. Oppie ran the Lodge until 1998.

Today, Davis (Corbett H. Davis IV) runs the lodge. It is the joy of his life, as it was his dad's. All four Corbett Davises have been avid duck hunters.

One of our current hunters came to Davis as a boy with his father to hunt with Clement Darrell Willis. His father named him Willis because of his admiration and respect for Clement. A picture of the three is now hanging in Davis Hunting and Fishing Lodge. Hunters have enjoyed coming to Davis for many, many years.

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