Davis, NC Hunting

Corbett Davis Tackle Shop

By Ann Davis Styron

Daddy (Corbett Davis) retired from teaching in the mid-sixties. At that time, there were fishing camps on Core Banks that were privately owned. Marvin Murphy ferried fishermen to the Banks in his boat.

Marvin and Daddy became partners in this venture. Daddy built a boat ramp and shop "at the Landing". He sold supplies that the fishermen needed while at the Banks.

Daddy had been in the teaching profession for thirty-three years. Lunch time meant eating with thirty-five, give or take a few, seventh and eighth grade students. He said that fall he was sitting on the porch of the shop, looking off shore, eating a honey bun and drinking a Pepsi. In his words, "this must be a little like heaven on earth"!

P.S. Later, Daddy and Brother built a four-unit motel on the same property as the shop. Yes, Davis has had a motel in it's history.

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