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Carteret Gun and Rod Club

The "Club House" was built in 1902, and burned down on May 25, 1970. The first caretaker was Ammie L. Paul, 1902 to 1905. A man from Morehead was the second one, but I can't remember his name. Walter Moore was the third caretaker, followed by George Willis from Hatteras, Leroy Davis, who was the caretaker from May 1915 to December 1945. Others were Cartie Fulcher, Stacy; Charlie Gaskill, Hal Willis, Cleo Brown, Quinton Willis, and Wardie (my brother) Murphy, all of Davis. Ion Lane Lewis took the job May 1, 1970.

When Mr. Leroy Davis took over the job of caretaker in 1915, there were 60 members, mostly from up north. When he left in 1945, there were only two members left; brothers Charlie and Johnnie Geiger from New Jersey. A lot of the members left the club after the hurricane of 1933. Mr. Leon Dermaneous from New Jersey, was the last member of the original Club House, and came back to Davis for visits for many years.

My precious memories of the Club House go back to the days when the people from Davis used to go over in boats to the Banks for church picnics. The children were free to run up and down the big sand hills which were destroyed by the hurricane of '33. People would go by buggy-ride down to the Cape to a square dance led by a Mr. Hunter who lived at Harkers Island, but he was from up north. He was a big man, but he danced smoothly and gracefully.

The running water and telephone were exciting, but I don't remember about the radio. I have heard Mrs. Davis say that people came from far and near to put on the earphone to hear a word from far away. Most of the time static was the only thing they heard. A great landmark has gone from our view.

This information has been given to me by my father Mr. Francis Murphy, Mrs. Leroy Davis, and Mr. Florence Paul Davis, whose father was the first caretaker. My father said that Mr. Paul was paid one dollar a day and everyone, including Mr. Paul thought he had a good job.

Once Upon A Time: Stories of Davis, North Carolina by Mabel Murphy Piner, 1979, pp.64.

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