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The 2005 Davis Community Christmas Gathering & Johnny's Store


On Saturday Night December 3, the Village of Davis Shore once again held its community wide Christmas Musical Celebration and featured this year the "Down East Gospel Choir and Friends".

The gathering of the villagers began first at 7:00pm at the Davis Free Will Baptist Church, where the singers and villagers opened with "O Come, All Ye Faithful" and pastors of all three churches welcomed the celebrants. A full Christmas musical program followed with a Christmas Bells Melody, a Ladies Quartet rendition of "Breath of Heaven", piano selections, and chorals of favorites such as "Do You Hear What I Hear". The Davis Children's Choir, sang "Let There Be Peace on Earth" as they were accompanied by pianist Michelle Taylor, and Nancy Davis on chimes. The villagers were greatly moved as a Davis Shore son and daughter, Joey Styron and Lou Ann Rhinehardt sang "Mary, Did You Know".

At the end of the Christmas Music Program the villagers left the Church and began the recessional "up the road" to the Davis Community Corner for the lighting of the Christmas Tree and the annual remembering of those villagers who have passed away, but who are still with us. In the recessional some walked up the road as Davis Shore Villagers have walked on dark Christmas Time roads for more than a hundred years. Some rode in Christmas Wreath festooned wagons, although this year's wagons were not pulled by mules as in years long past, and others rode up the road in their cars. "On the Corner" villagers, holding lighted candles, assembled around the Christmas tree and flag pole. Then another son of Davis Shore, Taylor Munden, gave his short personal reflections of a Davis Shore where as a small boy he remembered the smell of juniper and napping in the forepeak of his granddaddy's boat as they shrimped at night on Core Sound. A chime struck for more than 160 times as the name of each of us who has gone before was recalled. Then the children of the village, all holding onto a long rope, pulled on the rope to instantly light the 2005 Davis Shore Christmas Tree.

Next after a concluding prayer by Davis Shore patriarch, Milton Styron, everyone just meandered across the road to once again walk into the brightly lighted Johnnie's Store which after several years in its own darkness has now sprung back to be wonderfully decorated for Christmas and which for Saturday night was holding for the villagers a wide assortment of cakes, pies, cookies, and other refreshments. Johnnie's Store had been the center of Davis Shore Corner for more than 50 years, and once again on this past Saturday night it gleamed with its lighted tree near by.

A long time ago daughter of Davis Shore, Bessie Willis Hoyt, wrote of her memories of the Christmas of 1917 at Davis Shore. She wrote that at Davis Shore for the Christmas of 1917, there were dark frozen muddy roads, and kerosene lanterns, and mule carts. But she also wrote that "Here was God's plenty."

This past Saturday night at Johnnie's Store there were no baked sweet potatoes, nor stewed ducks, nor roast goose to be seen, but those of us present would surely agree with Bessie's 1917 description also for this 2005 Christmas a full 88 years later, for once again "Here was God's plenty".

Submitted by ~ Ed Pond

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