Davis, NC


Brief History

Memories of Oyster Creek -
by James W. Salter

Today's Story

Fire Department - photo

We invite your comments, suggestions and corrections. This is a work in-process. New materials (photos, stories, letters, clippings, interviews, histories, etc.) are also welcome.

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The People

Community Leaders / Characters

Luther Lewis - photo

Lorenzo Murphy

Sylvester Edmund Pond

Retha MacDonough and Ruby Paul - photo

Virginia Davis and Wally - photo

The Denard Davis family - photo

Edward Graham Davis, Sr. Family History - Adobe Acrobat file - 417K

Stories/ Story Tellers

Historical Figures

Carteret County World War I Veterans - photo

Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, WWII - photos

Robert Conway Bloxton, Sr. and Beatrice Lea Willis Bloxton Johnston, WWII - photos

Beatrice Willis Bloxton and Presidential Limosine - photo

Davis School Principal,
Alta Dee Edwards and her daughter, Beatrice Lea Willis
- photo


Those Wonderful Pauls


Hunting / Fishing

Wes Paul - photo

Corbett Davis Tackle Shop
by Ann Styron

The Home Place of Minnie and Corbett Davis:
Davis Hunting and Fishing Lodge
by Ann Davis Styron - photos

Ammie L. Willis - photo

Duck Blind - photo

Robert Darryl Willis - photos

Henry Murphy

Traditional Foods

Memories of Christmas "Down East" by Mabel Murphy Piner

Recipe for Davis Shore Rolls


Boat Builders

Picking Crabs - photo

Fishing; 2004 Blessing of the Fleet


Davis Shore Baseball Team 1946 by Ann Davis Styron

Davis Shore Baseball Team 1946 - photo


Music/ Dances

Children's Games


The Place

Map of Community

Landmarks (Photos)

History of Oyster Creek by Nancy Lewis


The Davis First Baptist Church - photo

History of the Davis Original Free Will
Baptist Church

Davis Shore Baptist Church - photo

Davis Free Will Baptist Church - photo

Historic Homes

The Denard and Sabra Davis House

The Davis/Lina House

Francis and Missouri Willis Murphy Home

Albert Murphy House -photos

Alvie Davis House - photo

Historic Structures

Army Camp - photos

The Davis Shore Army Camp 1941-1945 by Ed Pond - photo


Davis School - photo

Davis School, 1921 - photo



Post Office

Davis Postmasters List - Fran Smith Collection


Alvin Davis' Store - photo

Elbert Pittman Garage and Alvie Davis store - photo

Johnny Davis' store - photos

Harvey and Sons Net and Twine - photos

Plain and Fancy Beauty Shop - photo

Graham Fulcher's Barbershop - photo

studio 37 - photo

Fish Houses

Luther Lewis & Son - photo

Virgil Styron

The T.B. Smith Fish House - photo

Elmer Dewey "Crack" Willis fish house - photo

The Seaport - photo

Boat Houses/ Marine Railways

Hunting Clubs

History of the Old Club House - Carteret Gun and Rod Club

Lifesaving Stations


Community Spirit


Hurricane of '33

Hurricane Fran - 1998

Hurricane Floyd - 1999

Hurricane Ginger - 1971

Snow - 2003

Davis Ridge


On the Core Banks- photos

Eisenhower Inauguration, 1952 - photo

50th wedding anniversary- photos

Christmas 2005 - photos


Crab Derby - photo

Down East Beauty Pageant - photo

Family Sketches by Francis Murphy

When Core Sound Froze by Graden Paul

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Thanksgiving Supper



Bicentennial Independence Day Parade - photos