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Virgil Styron 1908-1968

Virgil Styron, son of Linwood and Rebecca Davis Styron and the grandson of Emma Jane Willis and Edward Styron is the captain of the Ken-Pat trawler. The Ken-Pat was built at Davis, named for Capt. Styron's grandchildren, and was powered by one of the earliest marine engines made by International Harvester. The International Harvester World, a magazine published in Chicago, carried a story about the Ken-Pat and Capt. Styron and was written by Kathy McCaughna.

"The hands on the wheel show the years of handling heavy nets-the face above the wheel has been weathered since boyhood by wind, rain and the sun reflected off the water. This is Virgil Styron, Captain of the Ken-Pat. His territory is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean between Cape Lookout and Cape Hatteras. There, where the cold blue water of the Labrador current meets the warm green water of the Gulf Stream, he nets mullet, flounder, ocean trout and perch. He has been a fisherman all of his working life, as was his father, his grandfather, and great-grandfather before him. He wants no other live than the sea."

Source: Once Upon A Time: Stories of Davis, North Carolina by Mabel Murphy Piner, 1979; pp. 53.

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