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The Chrissie Wright

Benji Taylor, Harkers Island

The story is told
That in January 1886,
Life on the Banks
Was simple and hard, but rich.

Children played - picking up twigs and sticks,
Old men mended nets,
Younger men searched for oysters and clams
Women made sure the tables were set.

The day of the eleventh was sunny and mild,
Some say it got up to seventy degrees.
But by supper time, on the day,
Gale force southwest winds bent the trees.

Excited voices told the news
That the Chrissie Wright
With seven on board as a crew,
Had run aground near the bight.

As winds blew, the temperature dropped.
Soaked crewmen wrapped in the sails,
For water froze in their boots and
They were unable to try to bail.

Today, when January winds blow,
The story is told again,
How the crew of the Chrissie Wright froze to death
And, this is the tale of those brave men.

Reprinted from “The Mailboat,” Vol 4 Nos. 3&4

From "Our Shared Past" prepared for the Diamond City & Ca'e Bankers Reunion, August 1999 as a collection of writings, research and recollections to tell the story of the Banks communities.
Copyright 1995, Core Sound Waterfowl Museum
All rights reserved.

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