Diamond City, NC Storms


If there is any one issue that separates a native coastal resident from a newcomer it is a hurricane. Before 1989's devastating hurricane season the new generation of coastal visitors and property buyers had failed to appreciate -- maybe even ignored --the memories of those folks who had lived through the reality of a "storm. "Hugo proved memories to have been well-founded.

For the people of South Carolina's coastline 1989 will be the year talked about for generations. The destruction and suffering that resulted from Hugo's fury was on televisions, magazines and newspapers. We all sorrowed for their losses, their pain and confusion; their helplessness against a force so much greater than they could have imagined. We all reached out to help, especially those of us along the coast. "There but for the grace of God are we ..." was the common bond.

South Carolina has not been the only area to "know" a hurricane. Our shores have had their share. As long as people can remember there have been storms.

The following are accounts of hurricanes as they have affected eastern Carteret and Hyde Counties. They are eyewitness descriptions by people who had lived through all or most of the events they report. These are personal stories that detail the drama and suffering caused by hurricanes in the first half of this century; before television and weather stations could give fair warning. Their memories are still very real.

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