Gloucester, NC Community Leaders

Capt. John Nelson.

A Tribute to Capt. John Nelson.

Capt. John Nelson, as NC Marine Fisheries Commissioner at the NC Division of Marine Fisheries booth, NC State Fair, ca. 1922.

Capt John Nelson served as Commissioner of the NC Division of Marine Fisheries. Nat Smith of Gloucester built the Division boat shown in this photograph.

Capt John A Nelson family portrait, ca. mid-late 1800s. (L-R)1st row: John A Nelson, Stacey Nelson, Charles G Nelson, Sadie Willis Dixon, Fannie Willis Stewart, Pearl Willis Whitehurst. 2nd row: Lenard Nelson, Fannis Quidley Nelson, Nellie Nelson Willis. 3rd row: Leonard Willis, Jane Nelson Harker, Ella Nelson Roberts.  

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