Harkers Island , NC Post Office

The Mail System

Captain Kelly aboard the Harkers Island mailboat, The Pet

Until about 1894, the only way the people of Harkers Island had to send and receive mail was by boat to Beaufort. This was a distance of about eight miles, and had to be done most of the time by sailboat.

Mason Fulford was the first postmaster on the Island, and he served six months. Then, once again, it was necessary to go back to Beaufort for the mail. Any person who happened to be going to Beaufort would call for anyone=s mail who asked him to do so. This continued until 1902 when Edna Yeomans was appointed Postmistress. She held the job for two years. In 1904, Charles S. Davis was appointed to the job. The post office was then in the north end of his store. He served for two years, then his wife was appointed and held the job for twenty-two years. In 1928, when she asked to be released from the job, Floyd Yeomans was appointed. He is still on the job in 1957. He moved the post office to Mr. Joe Hancock=s store, and about six years later it was moved to a building on the highway. Until 1941, when the bridge was finished, the mail was transported by boat. First, Mr. Sam Davis carried it by mail boat; those who took it by motorboat were Charles Davis, Cleveland Davis and Kelly Willis. Mr. Kelly Willis was mail carrier when the bridge was completed and he began taking it by car. He and Mr. Cleveland Davis also had the contract to take the mail from Harkers Island to Cape Lookout. In the year 1956, Kelly Willis retired and a Mrs. Moore of Marshallberg is our mail carrier as of 1957.

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