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Ebenezer Harker

When I wrote the history of Harkers Island in 1957, I stated that I hadn’t been able to find out where Ebenezer Harker lived before moving to this part of the country in 1730. In 1963, not having given up the search, I am proud to say the mystery has been solved. Since the name Harker was on the records in Massachusetts, I kept trying to connect these Harkers with the ones who came to Carteret County. Without the help I received from corresponding with people in Idaho, Canada, and California, I might never have found this information. I happened to see in a genealogical magazine where these people were doing research on the Harker family name, also. Therefore, when I wrote to them they were kind enough to send me many Harker names in exchange for the ones I happened to have. Much to my delight I found the Harker families I had been looking for. These records also proved, without doubt, that Ebenezer Harker had come from Boston, Massachusetts. He was the son of John Harker and Patience Fowler, and was born the 26th of February, 1689. He died in 1765 at Harkers Island. His grandfather was Anthony Harker, who came to America on the ship “Griffin” in the employment of Thomas Leverett in 1633. The fact that George Pollock, who sold the Island to Ebenezer Harker, and also John Stevens to whom Harker sold half of the Island, were both of Boston, Massachusetts and moved to North Carolina.

Source: History of Harkers Island; Mrs. Earl C. Davis; 11/1957 (amended 1/1969), pp. 9 1st paragraph.

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