Harkers Island , NC Characters

Billie Hancock's Dream

Joella Dee Hancock, Age 12, 1989
Harkers Island Elementary School

The Spring had fled too fast that year in eighteen seventy-four,
And not one whale for Diamond City had been spotted from the shore-
Until mid-June when Billie's eyes were cast upon the sight
Of a giant's spout that pierced the sky as day turned into night.

Upon the dorey the crew set out to spear the whale's side,
But fate conspired and the line broke free before the fish had died.
The dreams and battles seemed all lost as the whale swam far away,
And as it fled their hope sank too, before night could turn to day.

Exhausted and drained the men returned and slumber soon was found
When a dream came to the captain's mind: The whale had come aground!
Under moonlit skies he called his crew, then ran on winged feet
Along the beach towards Cape Point where all were told to meet.

And as the Cape came into a view, a lump upon the reef
Assured the runner his dream was true, and to his great relief
Before the tide could wash the catch back out upon the sea,
The crew arrived with ropes and spears as hearts broke forth with glee.

O'er forty barrels of oil were sold and bones brought even more
And forty dollars a share was given according to the lore.
T'was providence that smiled that night to bless the needy folk
When Billie Hancock ran forth in faith as from his dream he woke.

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