Harkers Island, NC


Brief History

Historical Overview
by Wilson Angley

Harkers Island before 1939

Harkers Island 1939-1989

Today's Story

We invite your comments, suggestions and corrections. This is a work in-process. New materials (photos, stories, letters, clippings, interviews, histories, etc.) are also welcome.

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The People

Community Leaders / Characters

Ebenezer Harker
by Mrs Earl C Davis

Memories of My Family
by Sandra K Willis

The Big Event Of The Day
by Charles O Pitts, Jr

Stacy Guthrie - photo

David Yeomans - photo

Billie Hancock & Mattie - photo

Julian Guthrie: Boat Builder and Oral Historian
by Rodney Barfield

Elbert Gaskill - 2003 Blessing of the Fleet

Billy Hancock's Dream
by Joella Dee Hancock


Benjamin Brooks circa 1948- photo

Bentley Brooks, Eva Brooks Chappel, and Mary Smith Rose, Easter early 1960s - Photo

Jerry, Isabel, John & Benny Brooks, circa 1920's - photo

Red and Benjamin Brooks. 1946 - photo

Pat DeVito - photo

Capt. Benny Brooks - photos

Florence Rose Lewis - photo

Ms. Alice Rose - photo

H.P. and Linda Rose, Carolyn Nelson, Stella Guthrie, and Ester and Calvin Rose - photo

Calvin & Esther Rose - photo

Esther Rose and Great-Granddaughter Hannah Gillikin - photo

Lettie Brooks Rose - photo

Mary Lee Rose - photo

Robert and Earl Rose, circa 1960s - photo

Stories/ Story Tellers

There Will Be No One To Welcome Me Home
by Jerry and Hazel Smith

My Little Island
by Jimmie Guthrie

Historical Figures



Hunting / Fishing

The Loon Hunt
by Mary and Grayden Paul

The Ocean Spray - photo

Traditional Foods


From The Old To New
by Beverly Willis Johnson

Benjamin and Red Brooks unloading flounder - photo

Bentley Brooks with clams - photo

Red Brooks unloading clams - photo

Orville Gillikin Jr and a good days catch - photo

The Harkers Island Fishermen
by David Yeomans

Occupations Of The People
by Mrs Earl C Davis

Mary Lou Rose and Rusty Brooks unloading clams - photo

Pete Willis at Rose Brothers - photo

Some Fishermen by Ernest Guthrie

Boat Builders

by Reba Helen Salter Singer

Harkers Island boatbuilder, Clarence Willis - photo

Red Brooks - photo

the "Capt Leslie" built by the Lewis Bros. - photo

Julian Guthrie - photo

Violetta and Clarence Willis - photo



Music/ Dances

When The Booze Yacht Ran Ashore by Grayden and Mary Paul

Children's Games


Colon Taylor - photos


The Place

Map of Community

Landmarks (Photos)


Pentecostal Holiness Church - photo

Mormon Church - photo

Strengthened By The Storm - The Early Mormons of Harkers Island, NC by Joel Hancock (1000K Adobe Acrobat file)

Historic Homes

Historic Structures

Grist Mill - photo


Harkers Island School News
by Ernest Guthrie

Harkers Island School - photo

History of Harkers Island Schools

Livin' & Learnin'
by Joel Hancock

"My School days on Harkers Island" by Allen Davis



Post Office

The Mailboat


Fish Houses

Henry Davis Fish House - photo

Boat Houses/ Marine Railways

Brady Lewis Boat Yard - photo

The L R Rose Boatworks - photo

What Happened To The Skiffs by Joel Hancock

Harkers Island Backyard Boatbuilding - photo

Building the F/V "Miss Rose" - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt 1 - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt 2 - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt 3 - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt 4 - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt 5 - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt6 - photos

Hunting Clubs

Lifesaving Stations


Community Spirit


Hurricane Hazel, 1954 - photos

Waterspout - photo