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Ernest Guthrie Has Best Poem. Edgar Wade Writes Best Essay

The high school poem taking first place at Commencement came from Harkers Island and was written by Ernest Guthrie, 9th grade. The winning essay was written by Edgar Wade, 11th grade Morehead City High School. We are publishing in this issue of the School News both the poem and the essay:

Harkers Island

(By Ernest Guthrie, 9th grade)
Harkers Island H. S.

O, Island home, set in azure sea,
O little nooks, so calm and bright!
You’re the loveliest thing in the world to me
Your beauty thrills, your charm delights.

God placed you here, an Eden rare,
O little haven of peace and rest,
You’re the brightest spot in the world so fair,
With your wave-washed shore in sunshine drest.

The distant fisherman’s boat is seen,
The sea bird flashes through the silver mist,
‘Tis noblest ‘isle in the world I ween,
With its shining shores by sea-wave kist.

The whispering wind in the live oak tree,
The songs of birds in the branch green,
Is the sweetest music in the world to me,
This mystic orchestra with notes unseen.

I would I were a poet with golden tongue,
And a soul to interpret a poet’s dream
The sweetest song in the world would be sung,
And Harkers Island would be my theme.

O beautiful Isle of living green,
Set like a star in waters blue,
You’re my dream in this world of worlds unseen,
You my love and my faith in God renew.

Source: Carteret County School News; May 1927; by Ernest Guthrie, poem: “Harkers Island”; by Ernest Guthrie.

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