Marshallberg, NC Life Saving Stations

Life Saving Stations

U. S. Coast Guard Stations were called Life Saving Stations although Cape Lookout Light was built in the 19th century—1809-1812. In 1903, there was $90,000.00 appropriated for a Cape Lookout Ship which was launched in August, 1904. After that a new Life Ship was built and in 1933 moved to Winter School, VA.

The first Life Saving Station was on Portsmouth Island, 1895. Two years later (1897) the Core Banks Station was built. Cape Lookout Station was built between 1899 and 1918. In 1939 the Life Saving Station took over lighthouse service and now it is all under the U. S. Coast Guard. As far back as 1753 there was a Fort on Portsmouth Island and in 1757 Fort Granville was manned by 50 officers and members. After the French and Indian War–1764–the fort was discontinued. As early as 1590, Debry made a map of the area.

We, in Carteret County, were proud to have Captain Fred Gillikin of the U. S. Coast Guard to live and serve in this area. He was the first person to enlist in the Coast Guard on Cape Lookout. He was loved and admired by all and was 96 years old when he died according to Thumbnail History of Carteret County, but a family member tells us "he lived to be about 103."

Source: Thumbnail History of Carteret County; Compiled by Reba Hellen Salter Singer. Dedicated to The Morehead City Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution; 1976. Pp. 5.

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