Marshallberg, NC schools

Marshallberg Schools

Marshallberg also boasts of an academy in the 19th century, founded by a Dr. Graham. It was located between Marshallberg and Gloucester. Called the Star for the Star of Bethlehem Methodist Church. It was destroyed by fire in 1911. Marshallberg had a public one-room school as did all the other communities—from one through the seventh grades—and after the Academy was lost, two more rooms were added, making it a three room school. This required more teachers. Mr. Salter, Jr. was principal there in 1912 and in 1913, he moved his family there. Mrs. Salter also taught and another teacher. A 3-room school building was a rural first in Carteret County!

Source: Thumbnail History of Carteret County; Compiled by Reba Hellen Salter Singer. Dedicated to The Morehead City Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution; 1976. Pp. 6.

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