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Harkers Island





Promise' Land

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Atlantic, NC


Winston Hill's store - photo

Community Leaders / Characters

Luther and Helen Wells Smith - photo


Clambake - photo

Womanless Wedding - photo

Fish Houses

An old Core Sound work boat tied up at Atlantic - photo

Historic Homes

Drum Inlet Landmark - photo

History, Brief

History of Hunting Quarters


An Atlantic fishing boat tied up at Ocracoke, 1940s or 50s - photo

Fishing boat “Selma Queen”- photo


Atlantic High School, 1921 - photo

Hill's View by Eddie Hill

A Love Affair by Barbara Smith Willis

Teacher Training Department


Atlantic Baseball Team, 1954-55 - photo

Atlantic baseball team, County Champions, 1953 - photo

Down East Baseball and Throwing Heat by Elmo Gaskill

John Hamilton and Jack Rose, 1949 - photo

Stories/ Story Tellers

Atlantic Memories by Louise Holloway Mason

Today's Story

Bettie, NC

Brief History

Bettie Bridges

Community Leaders / Characters

Family Origins

Historic Homes

1955 Buick - Photo

1957 Ford - Photo

Historic Structures



The Pier on Josephine Lane - Photo


Bettie Boat Building


Hurricane Connie - photo

Hurricane Hazel - photo

Today's Story

Cedar Island, NC

Brief History

Cedar Island History

Hunting Clubs

The Harbor Island Club - photo

The Harbor Island Club - photo

The Hog Island Club - photo

Today's Story

Little City by the Sea

Davis, NC

Brief History

Memories of Oyster Creek -
by James W. Salter


Alvin Davis' Store - photo

Johnny Davis' store - photos

Graham Fulcher's Barbershop - photo

Harvey and Sons Net and Twine - photos

Elbert Pittman Garage and Alvie Davis store - photo

Plain and Fancy Beauty Shop - photo

studio 37 - photo


The Davis First Baptist Church - photo

Davis Free Will Baptist Church - photo

History of the Davis Original Free Will Baptist Church

Davis Shore Baptist Church - photo

Community Leaders / Characters

The Denard Davis family - photo

Virginia Davis and Wally - photo

Luther Lewis - photo

Retha MacDonough and Ruby Paul - photo

Lorenzo Murphy

Sylvester Edmund Pond


Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

Crab Derby - photo

Down East Beauty Pageant - photo

Family Sketches by Francis Murphy


Thanksgiving Supper

When Core Sound Froze by Graden Paul

Fish Houses

Luther Lewis & Son - photo

The Seaport - photo

The T.B. Smith Fish House - photo

Virgil Styron

Elmer Dewey "Crack" Willis fish house - photo


50th wedding anniversary- photos

Christmas 2005 - photos

Eisenhower Inauguration, 1952 - photo

On the Core Banks- photos

Historic Homes

Alvie Davis House - photo

The Denard and Sabra Davis House

The Davis/Lina House

Albert Murphy House -photos

Francis and Missouri Willis Murphy Home

Historic Structures

Army Camp - photos

Historical Figures

Beatrice Willis Bloxton and Presidential Limosine - photo

Robert Conway Bloxton, Sr. and Beatrice Lea Willis Bloxton Johnston, WWII - photos

Carteret County World War I Veterans - photo

Davis School Principal, Alta Dee Edwards, and her daughter, Beatrice Lea Willis- photo

Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, WWII - photos

Hunting / Fishing

Corbett Davis Tackle Shop by Ann Styron

The Home Place of Minnie and Corbett Davis: Davis Hunting and Fishing Lodge by Ann Davis Styron - photos

Duck Blind - photo

Henry Murphy

Wes Paul - photo

Ammie L. Willis - photo

Robert Darryl Willis - photos

Hunting Clubs

History of the Old Club House - Carteret Gun and Rod Club


Those Wonderful Pauls

Landmarks (Photos)

History of Oyster Creek by Nancy Lewis


Fishing; 2004 Blessing of the Fleet

Picking Crabs - photo


Bicentennial Independence Day Parade - photos

Post Office

Davis Postmasters List - Fran Smith Collection


Davis School - photo

Davis School, 1921 - photo


Davis Shore Baseball Team 1946 by Ann Davis Styron

Davis Shore Baseball Team 1946 - photo


Davis Ridge

Hurricane of '33

Hurricane Floyd - 1999

Hurricane Fran - 1998

Hurricane Ginger - 1971

Snow - 2003

Today's Story

Fire Department - photo

Traditional Foods

Memories of Christmas "Down East" by Mabel Murphy Piner

Recipe for Davis Shore Rolls

Diamond City, NC

Brief History

1850 Census Shackleford Banks

By The Water's Edge by Joel Hancock

The Ca'e Bankers of Carteret by Josiah W Bailey, Jr,

The Ca'e Bankers and their Brogue by James Newman Willis

Life on Ca'e Banks ... Pieces of History Passed Down by Jan Gillikin, et al

History of Cape Lookout from Carteret Count Heritage

Diamond City by David Stick

Diamond City-Ghost Town from Carteret County Heritage

Diamond Shoals by Sally G Moore

Going Home by Suzanne Yeomans Guthrie

Shackleford by Helen T.

Shackleford by Jan Gillikin

Shackleford Banks History Notes by Thelma Simpson

What Mother Told Me of Shackleford by Dorothy Hancock Guthrie

Community Leaders / Characters

Devine Guthrie - photo

The Day Old Ma Left The Banks by David Murrill

Sam Windsor by Gretchen Guthrie

Historic Structures

First Cape Lookout Lighthouse by Joel G. Hancock

Lifesaving Stations

The Chrissie Wright Poem by Benji Taylor

They Watched the Crissie Wright Go Down by Sally G. Moore

Lifesaving Service Gold Medal Winners by Arthur T. Moore

Lifesaving: The Wreck of the Crissie Wright by Grayden and Mary Paul


Historical Role Of Fishing from Carteret County Heritage

Keepers Of the Light Cape Lookout, NC by T M O'Brien and D L Nobles

Whaling: The Last Whale by Mary and Grayden Paul

Whaling: The Mayflower Whale by Gretchen Guthrie Guthrie


"Johns Creek Diary" by Madge Guthrie

Stories/ Story Tellers

The Graveyard On Shackleford Banks by Gretchen Guthrie Guthrie

Interview With Dorothy Guthrie At Harkers Island, North Carolina by Betty Jo Moore On August 5, 2004

Moore's of Carteret County by Arthur T Moore

"Penning of the Little Banker Pony" by Billie C. Huling


The Great Hurricane of 1899 by Jay Barnes

Storms: An Introduction

Today's Story

Cape Lookout - Then and Now by Gordon Willis

Shackleford Banks Horses by Carolyn Salter Mason, Foundation for Shackleford Horses

Gloucester, NC

Brief History


Gloucester Store - photo

Community Leaders / Characters

I Remember Daddy (John Nelson) by Eloise Nelson Pigott

Capt. John Nelson - photos

Eloise Nelson Pigott

Capt. Joe Pigott - photos

Historic Homes

Nelson Home - photo

Eloise Pigott home - photo

Pigott Home - photo


Gloucester Ferry Dock - photo

Map of Community


Boatbuilding - photos

Today's Story

Harkers Island, NC

Boat Houses/ Marine Railways

Building the F/V "Miss Rose" - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt 1 - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt 2 - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt 3 - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt 4 - photos

F/V "Ellen Marie" pt 5 - photo

Harkers Island Backyard Boatbuilding - photo

Harkers Island boatbuilder, Clarence Willis - photo

What Happened To The Skiffs by Joel Hancock

Brady Lewis Boat Yard - photo

The L R Rose Boatworks - photo

Brief History

Harkers Island before 1939

Harkers Island 1939-1989

Historical Overview
by Wilson Angley


Colon Taylor - photos

Community Leaders / Characters

Billy Hancock's Dream by Joella Dee Hancock


Mormon Church - photo

Pentecostal Holiness Church - photo

Strengthened By The Storm - The Early Mormons of Harkers Island, NC by Joel Hancock (1000K Adobe Acrobat file)

Community Leaders

The Big Event Of The Day by Charles O Pitts, Jr

Elbert Gaskill - 2003 Blessing of the Fleet

Julian Guthrie: Boat Builder and Oral Historian by Rodney Barfield

Stacy Guthrie - photo

Billie Hancock & Mattie - photo

Ebenezer Harker by Mrs Earl C Davis

Memories of My Family by Sandra K Willis

David Yeomans - photo

Fish Houses

Henry Davis Fish House - photo

Historic Structures

Grist Mill - photo


The Loon Hunt by Mary and Grayden Paul

Music/ Dances

When The Booze Yacht Ran Ashore by Grayden and Mary Paul


Boatbuilding by Reba Helen Salter Singer

From The Old To New by Beverly Willis Johnson

The Harkers Island Fishermen by David Yeomans

Occupations Of The People by Mrs Earl C Davis

Some Fishermen by Ernest Guthrie

Post Office

The Mailboat


Harkers Island School - photo

Harkers Island School News by Ernest Guthrie

History of Harkers Island Schools

Livin' & Learnin' by Joel Hancock

"My School days on Harkers Island" by Allen Davis

Stories/ Story Tellers

My Little Island by Jimmie Guthrie

There Will Be No One To Welcome Me Home by Jerry and Hazel Smith


Hurricane Hazel, 1954 - photos

Waterspout - photo

Today's Story

Marshallberg, NC

Brief History


Marshallberg Baptist Congregation at Marshallberg School - photo

Community Leaders / Characters

Capt. Fred Gillikin by Mrs. Fred Hill

Uncle Van's back porch - photo

Whitfield Willis - photo


When Core Sound Froze

Lifesaving Stations

Lifesaving Station

Post Office

Marshallberg Post Office - photo


Marshallberg School - photo



Marshallberg Baseball Team, 1920s - photo

Marshallberg Baseball Team, 1949-50 - photo

Ocracoke, NC

Hunting / Fishing

Ed McNair, 1926 - photo

Otway, NC

Brief History

Origin of Name


hurricane - photo

Portsmouth, NC

Brief History

Aerial view, 1950s - photo


Portsmouth Church - photos

Community Leaders / Characters

Jessie Lee Babb Dominique - photo


Dallas Willis - photos

Family & Friends, 1909 - photo


Social Gathering - photo

Sunday School Picnic at the USLLS - photos

Welcome at the Pier - photo

Historic Homes

Henry Pigott home - photo

Home at Portsmouth - photo

Hunting / Fishing

Dannie Taylor - photos


Fog on Portmouth - photo

Landmarks (Photos)

Old Glory - photo


Norma Taylor after mulletting - photo

Pound Netting - photo


Last School, restored - photo

Old School, 1916 - photo

School Children 1916 - photo

Traditional Foods

goose dinner - photo

picking a goose for dinner - photo

Promise' Land, NC

Brief History

Gib Willis Spritsail Skiff - photo


Old Evans Street Landmark Goes

Community Leaders / Characters

Salter Path Woman - photo

Historic Buildings

The Old Morehead City Hospital - photo

Landmarks (Photos)

Nets Spreads at 12th Street - photo


Gentle Days by Gretchen Guthrie Guthrie

Old Morehead City Hospital - photo


Morehead City baseball team, 1948 - photo

Stories/ Story Tellers

Once A Banker by Gretchen Guthrie Guthrie

Kib's Store and The Whale Creek Club- photos - by Rodney Kemp

Today's Story

Promse' Land

Salter Path, NC

Brief History


The Oak Grove Motel - photo

Paul's Motel, 1962 - photo

Sinclair Filling Station - photo

Smith Boys Builders, 1962 - photo

The Sportsmen Café, 1962 - photo


Salter Path Methodist Church, 1950s - photo


Harvey & Charlotte Willis car on the beach - photo

Fish Houses

Salter path fish house - photo

Homer Smith Seafood Market - photo

Historic Buildings

Salter Path Coast Guard Station, 1944-45 - photo

Historic Homes

Harvey & Charlotte Willis Home - photo

The Stacy Willis House - photo

Historical Figures

1812 Document - photo


A Boat Landin’ at Salter Path, Low Tide - photo

Salter Path Landin’, 1962 - photo

Landmarks (Photos)

Bogue Banks fish camps - photo

Lifesaving Stations

The Salter Path Rescue Squad, 60s - photo


Beach Seine Fishermen - photo

Beach Seine Fishermen Launching Dory - photo

Beach Seine Fishermen Picking Fish - photo

Beach Seine Fishermen Pulling Net - photo

Mullet Fishermen, 1939 - photo

Picking Fish - photo

Salter Path Beach Seiners Dory in Surf - photo

Setting Mullet Net - photo

Post Office

Salter Path Mail Boat the “George W. Smith” 1927 - photo

Salter Path Post Office, 1962 - photo


Salter Path baseball team 50s (?) - photo

Salter Path baseball team, 1970s - photo

Sea Level, NC


Colon Taylor - photos

Fish Houses

Monroe Taylor's Fish House - photo


Perilous Journey by Alan Taylor

Data On Hurricanes by Harrell C. Taylor, Sr.

Smyrna, NC


Clover Farm - photo

Lewis Smith Store - photo

Old Drive-In Restaurant - photo

Old Drive-In Theatre - photo


Smyrna Baptist Church - photos

Smyrna Baptist Church Homecoming - photos

Smyrna Baptist Church Sunday School- photos

Smyrna Methodist Church - photo

Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church - photo

Community Leaders / Characters

Bob Davis - photo

Mr. Jettie Willis - photo

Mr. Jettie, Blanche Willis, Mildred - photo

Fish Houses

1886 Oyster Lease - photo

Historic Buildings

Smyrna Corner - photos

Historic Homes

William Hancock House - photo

Carteret County News-Times Article: Hancock House - photo

Daniel Willis House - photo

Music/ Dances

Roy Willis and _____ playing banjo - photo


Boatbuilding-Sharpies - photo


Cutting grass - photo

Post Office

Post Office - photo


Ms Pearl Alligood, teacher - photo

Peabody School - photo

Smyrna High School men’s baseball team 1930s - photo

Smyrna High School men’s basketball team 1920s - photo

Smyrna High School women’s basketball team, 1951 - photo

Smyrna School - photo

Smyrna School Class, Corbet Davis - photo

Smyrna School Gym - photo

Williston Royalty - photo


Girls Basketball Champs - photo

Today's Story

Smyrna History

Traditional Foods

Roy Willis in garden - photo

Roy Willis and friends with shrimp - photo

Stacy, NC

Brief History

Stacy Community History by James T. Lewis


Leon Gaskill General Store - photo

Ralph Pittman General Store - photo


Stacy Cemetery - photo


Free Will Baptist Church - photo

United Methodist Church - photo

Community Leaders / Characters

Mitchell Fulcher - photo

Edna Gaskill

Roy Willis and Alfred Gaskill - photo

Fish Houses

Outer Banks Seafood - photo

Historic Buildings

Woodmen of the World Lodge - photo

Historic Homes

Home of Howard and Rachel L Fulcher - photo

Willis and Sabrah Mason Home Place - photo

Belvin Willis Home Place - photo

Hunting / Fishing

Mr. Homer Fulcher at his bench - photo

Core Banks Hunting - photo

Core Sound Hunting - photo

Putting out the decoys - photo

Hunting Clubs

Core Banks Gun & Rod Club - photo


Fulcher's Creek Shoreline - photo

Lifesaving Stations

US Coast Guard Station - photo

Post Office

Stacy Post Office - photo


Stacy School, 1948-49 - photo


Scouting in 1956 - photo

Today's Story

Straits, NC

Community Leaders / Characters

David Chadwick – WWII - photo

David Chadwick & R. J. Chadwick (WWII) - photo

Gerald Whitehurst & Ira Chadwick - photo

Paul Damren and Ginger Chadwick - photo


Smyrna School (6th grade class) - photo

Smyrna School - - grades 6 and 7 - (1967-1968) - photo

Smyrna School - grades 7 and 8 (1968-1969) - photo

students on Old Straits School steps - photo


Straits Baseball Team, 1932-33 - photo

Today's Story

Williston, NC

Brief History

The First 300 Years


Boat Houses/ Marine Railways

boathouse - photo

galley of 1955-60 Williston Boatworks trawler - photo

Julian Guthrie trawler - photo

Hi Tide Boatworks - photo

Plans for an 1880s NC sharpie

"Sickle" - 1910 - photo

"Sickle" - late 1930s - photo

Willis Bros Boathouse - 1955 -

Willis Bros Boathouse - launch of "Kingfisher" 1955 - photo

Williston Boatworks - photo

Williston Boatworks - newspaper ad


Willis Bros General Store -photo

Willis Bros store, 1940s - photos

Community Leaders / Characters

1970s group - photo

Sam Fulcher Family Tree

Dolly Fulcher Piner, 1970s - photo

Governors at Willis Bros Clam Bakes -photo

Joe Piner icing seafood - photo

Russel and Laura Piner - photo

Warren Piner, 1970s - photo

Carrie Willis, Polly Piner, Jesse Piner, Charles Van 1910 - photo

Carrie Willis Piner, Jesse Piner, Gertie Willis, 1960s - photo

Elmo Wade and Chaude Wheatly Jr., 1955 - photo

Todd Wallace, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Willis Wallace and grandson William H. Potter III - photos

Charles "Charlie" Willis, Sidney Thomas, 1950s - photo

Biography of Elmer Willis - photo

Elmer Willis, Dennis Piner - photo

Preston Willis, 1950s - photo

Teresa Jane & Eula Lee Willis, 1907 - photo

Wayne Willis' toy boat - photos

Group of Willis Bros workers - photo

"A Williston Trio" - photo

Elmer "Clam King" Willis - photo

Evening Telegram - Elmer Willis - photo

News & Observer - Elmer Willis - photo


Springfield Methodist Episcopal Church - photo

Williston United Methodist Church - photo


50th wedding anniversary - photo

Nancy Willis Lewis' birthday party - photos

Smyrna School Clam Bake - photo

Fish Houses

breading clams - photo

Hilton Willis shoveling clams - photo

men sitting on clams - photo

men steaming clams - photo

Willis Bros. clam-shucking house - photo

Willis Bros. clam house dock - photo

Original Willis Bros clam house from the water - photo

Willis Bros. Freezer - photo

Willis Bros. scallop shucking house, equipment, 1970s - photos

Trawler, Willis Brothers - photo

trawlers, Nancy Willis - photo

Yacht, Willis Brothers - photo

Historic Buildings

Williston church & school - photo

Rear of Williston church with school - photo

1940's view - photo

Historic Homes

Marsh & Brimer crab house and crab house - photo

Benson Marsh home - photo

Benson Marsh dwelling and soft crab packing house - photo

Eldon & Frances Jean Flucher on Marsh's dock - photo

Russel and Laura Piner Home - photo

Irdell Willis cistern - photo

Irvin Willis home - photo

Troy Willis home - photo

Historical Figures

Sam Turner Fulcher - photo

Catherine Golden & Nancy Willis 1960s era - photo

John Alexander Meadows - photo

Inez Nierling, Ruby Holland 1950s clambake - photo

Leslie and Rena Piner - photo

Thelma Simpson, Dr. Chestnut - 1950s clambake - photo

Steve Stanley - photo

Lidia "Liddie" Wade - photo

Charles Wesley Willis - photo

Charlotte "Tennie" Matilda Piner Willis- photo

Willis Coat of Arms

Hunting / Fishing

Duck hunting at Williston - photo


early manual labor - 1965 photo

Scallop conveyors - photos

Scallop Eviserators - photos

Scallop Machines - photos

Scallop Shucking, 1960s - photos

Scallop Shucking Machines, Willis Bros - photos


Williston Creek -

Landmarks (Photos)

Williston Waterfront, 1958 - photo

Map of Community

1733 map of Core Sound


Clam Shucking - photo

employees of Willis Bros. Seafood - photo

Post Office

[Elmer] Willis Bros. General Store - photo


Smyrna School, 1935 - photo

Williston School building - photo

Williston School class 1928l - photo


Troop 228 - photo


Hazel, 1954 - photo

Today's Story

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