Smyrna, NC Occupations

The Bessie D. This seven-ton sharpe was built at Smyrna in 1891. She was used to harvest oysters and is shown here under sail off Marshallberg, North Carolina. The vessel was forty-four feel long, with an eleven-and-a-half foot beam. Under sail in 1912, she was abandoned in 1924 - the fact most North Carolina ships shared when gasoline engines became available. (North Carolina Maritime Museum)

Sharpie, built in Smyrna.

Four-man crew on sharpie operating in Core Sound, built in Smyrna.

The Samuel Buckman, a seven-ton sharpie of forty-five feet, was built at Smyrna in 1899. She is a good example of what was called a Core Sound sharpie, a vernacular adapt ion of the New Haven sharpie introduced into the area by George Ives. In this undated photograph, the sharpie is manned by a crew of four. (North Carolina Maritime Museum)


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