Stacy, NC Churches

The United Methodist Church, 1988.

House on original lot, 1955.

Original Fellowship Hall, 1957.

History of the Stacy United Methodist Church
1955 – 1987

Located on the property of Henry and Fannie Harris, Stacy North Carolina. Their property and house was sold to the North Carolina Methodist Conference by Fannie Harris and her nephew, Alvin Harris and all heirs. This picture taken by Rev. Tommy Swafford was before the house was removed to build the Stacy United Methodist Church in 1995.

Edna Mason Gaskill Collection

The Stacy United Methodist Church ground breaking with Alvin Harris.

The ground breaking.

The ground breaking.

The revival tent, 1954.

The UMC building estimate.

“History of the Stacy United Methodist Church”

The architects who designed the church was Robert Stevens and Charles Francis and the contractor Roland Lawrence began construction December 01, 1982. The building was completed September 29, 1983 with services held in the new Sanctuary since Jine 05, 1983. The Consecration service was held October 02, 1983.

Last Septenber the final payment on the loan was made and today we are having the dedication.

Looking back through the years we have many people to thank for being where we are today. Many of them are here today but some have gone on to their reward. Of the original eight charter members only Alfred and Edna Gaskill are left. We lost our spokesman, Guion Gaskill July 29, 1987. It is sad that some who labored so long and with such love for this church can not be here with us today to help us rejoice on this occasion.

If we were to try to recognize all whose help has made this day possible we could not. But we especially thank our sister churches: Atlantic, Sea Level and Cedar Island and since 1973 Williston. We could not have done it without you.

No one knows the hours the Williston choir has sung in our church, or the help they have been, no sister or brother could have been more helpful.

We also thank the Harkers Island and Salter Path choirs for their many visits.

And finally we thank the individuals who have helped to make this day possible by your gifts and support.

A history has been compiled wsith photographs and is one display with the guest book beside the entrance. Please sign the guest book if you have not already done so and feel free to look through the history album.

“History of the Stacy United Methodist Church”

Stacy UMC was begun as an outreach of the Atlantic UMC in 1955 under the leadership of Rev. Louis Lweis, with the help of the North Carolina Conference and the encouragement and assistance of lay persons in the surrounding areas.

The Rev. Hirman K. King, New Bern District Superintendent contacted Rev. Lewis, informing him that the conference wanted to build a Methodist Church in Stacy if the people would like to have one built.

On July 24, 1955 at the home of Curtis and Velma Lewis the first official meeting was held. Guion Gaskill, Connie Daniels, Albert Mason, John Styron and Alfred Gaskill attended. Elmer Salter was unable to attend but sent word that he supported the building of a church and would serve in whatever capacity he was needed.

At a later meeting on August 7th, the first Nominating Committee was appointed. Connie Daniels, John Styron and Velma Lewis. Rev. Lewis explained that the Conference would be providing the money within ninety days to purchase the land for the church building.

Edna Mason Gaskill Collection

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