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(above) letter from Sam Thomas Fulcher 1857 - 1924


October 8, 1857 - December 30, 1924
Williston, North Carolina
Husband of: Emiline ["Linie"] Wade.
Letter of December 2, 1924, to his youngest son: Charles Van Fulcher [1896 - 1932]:
Williston, N.C. December 2, 1924

Dear Vannie, I will answer your last letter I had from you. I am always glad to hear from you. I am glad you are well and doing well. My health is so bad I can't do a day's work. I don't think I shall ever be able to do another. I am not swollen so bad, as I have been. I have been swollen so bad I could not pull off my clothes, myself. I have a boat about half done. I am so weak I can't work. I will. try to get Alva to help me, when they stop fishing. All the rest are well. We are having fine weather. We have had frost and ice this week. I hope you will be able to come home Christmas if only [...corner torn off..."for one day".] Without a great chance [...corner torn off... "of snow, like the" ...J last one. You can come [...corner torn off... "for at least one day" ..?.]
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The fishermen are doing well now. The fish came around the Cape ["Lookout", into Core Sound] two weeks ago. The boys from here have done well. They have been making good wages all along, from $65 to one hundred and ten dollars a week, to the share. That seems to be lots of work, but I can't do any thing. What is going to become of me, I can't tell. Harold [Taylor] is to work at Da'y's Factory, with Hardy.
I will close with best wishes for you -- hope you are well -- your: Papa Sam.
Let [me] hear from you, when you will.
Give my regards to Kelly and Alice.

From the dates of the heading, taken from his grave-marker in Williston -- you can see that SAMUEL THOMAS FULCHER died, just 28 days after writing this letter. There is no information concerning whether his son, Charles Van Fulcher, was able to return to Williston for Christmas. But "Vannie" saved this letter, among his valuable papers. And so, you now have a copy of it.

"Linie" [Wade] Fulcher had died four years before, in 1920
-- Charles Stewart Fulcher [1928-20-]: a grandson; and the older son of the two children of "Vannie".

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