Williston, NC


Brief History

The First 300 Years


Today's Story

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The People

Community Leaders

Governors at Willis Bros Clam Bakes -photo

Elmer "Clam King" Willis - photo

Evening Telegram - Elmer Willis - photo

News & Observer - Elmer Willis - photo

Russel and Laura Piner - photo


1970s group - photo

Biography of Elmer Willis - photo

Elmer Willis, Dennis Piner - photo

Group of Willis Bros workers - photo

Joe Piner icing seafood - photo

Charles "Charlie" Willis, Sidney Thomas, 1950s - photo

Preston Willis, 1950s - photo

Warren Piner, 1970s - photo

Dolly Fulcher Piner, 1970s - photo

Sam Fulcher Family Tree

"A Williston Trio" - photo

Carrie Willis, Polly Piner, Jesse Piner, Charles Van 1910 - photo

Carrie Willis Piner, Jesse Piner, Gertie Willis, 1960s - photo

Teresa Jane & Eula Lee Willis, 1907 - photo

Elmo Wade and Chaude Wheatly Jr., 1955 - photo

Todd Wallace, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Willis Wallace and grandson William H. Potter III - photos

Wayne Willis' toy boat - photos

Stories/ Story Tellers

Historical Figures

Willis Coat of Arms

John Alexander Meadows - photo

Charlotte "Tennie" Matilda Piner Willis- photo

Sam Turner Fulcher - photo

Charles Wesley Willis - photo

Willis Bros store, 1940s - photos

Lidia "Liddie" Wade - photo

Leslie and Rena Piner - photo

Steve Stanley - photo

Catherine Golden & Nancy Willis 1960s era - photo

Thelma Simpson, Dr. Chestnut - 1950s clambake - photo

Inez Nierling, Ruby Holland 1950s clambake - photo


early manual labor - 1965 photo

Scallop Shucking, 1960s - photos

Scallop conveyors - photos

Scallop Eviserators - photos

Scallop Machines - photos

Scallop Shucking Machines, Willis Bros - photos


Troop 228 - photo


Duck hunting at Williston - photo

Traditional Foods


employees of Willis Bros. Seafood - photo

Clam Shucking - photo



Music/ Dances

Children's Games



The Place

Map of Community

1733 map of Core Sound

Landmarks (Photos)

Williston Waterfront, 1958 - photo


Williston United Methodist Church -

Springfield Methodist Episcopal Church - photo

Historic Homes

Russel and Laura Piner Home - photo

Eldon & Frances Jean Flucher on Marsh's dock - photo

Benson Marsh dwelling and soft crab packing house - photo

Marsh & Brimer crab house and crab house - photo

Benson Marsh home - photo

Irdell Willis cistern - photo

Irvin Willis home - photo

Troy Willis home - photo

Historic Buildings

Williston church & school - photo

Rear of Williston church with school - photo

1940's view - photo


Williston Schoo class 1928l - photo

Williston School building - photo

Smyrna School, 1935 - photo



Post Office

[Elmer] Willis Bros. General Store - photo


Willis Bros General Store - photo

Fish Houses

Willis Bros. clam-shucking house - photo

Trawler, Willis Brothers - photo

trawlers, Nancy Willis - photo

Yacht, Willis Brothers - photo

Willis Bros. clam house dock - photo

men sitting on clams - photo

men steaming clams - photo

breading clams - photo

Hilton Willis shoveling clams - photo

Original Willis Bros clam house from the water - photo

Willis Bros. Freezer - photo

Willis Bros. scallop shucking house, equipment, 1970s - photos

Boat Houses/ Marine Railways

Hi Tide Boatworks - photo

Williston Boatworks - photo

Williston Boatworks - newspaper ad

galley of 1955-60 Williston Boatworks trawler - photo

Julian Guthrie trawler - photo

boathouse - photo

Plans for an 1880s NC sharpie

"Sickle" - 1910 - photo

"Sickle" - late 1930s - photo

Willis Bros Boathouse - 1955 -

Willis Bros Boathouse - launch of "Kingfisher" 1955 - photo

Hunting Clubs

Lifesaving Stations


Williston Creek -

Community Spirit


Hazel, 1954 - photo



50th wedding anniversary - photo

Smyrna School Clam Bake - photo

Nancy Willis Lewis' birthday party - photos